Apple is sponsoring Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), which will be held in a two part virtual and hybrid format. The virtual event will take place on May 7 to 13, and the hybrid main conference on May 22 to 27. ICASSP is the IEEE Signal Processing Society’s flagship conference on signal processing and its applications.

Accepted Papers

Data Incubation - Synthesizing Missing Data for Handwriting Recognition

Rick Chang, Martin Bresler, Youssouf Chherawala, Adrien Delaye, Thomas Deselaers, Ryan Dixon, Oncel Tuzel

Hierarchical Prosody Modeling and Control in Non-Autoregressive Parallel Neural TTS

Tuomo Raitio, Jiangchuan Li, Shreyas Seshadri

Non-verbal Sound Detection for Disordered Speech

Colin Lea, Zifang Huang, Dhruv Jain, Lauren Tooley, Zeinab Liaghat, Shrinath Thelapurath, Leah Findlater, Jeffrey P. Bigham

Talks and Workshops

“Meet Apple” is an opportunity to hear from the authors of our accepted papers, as well as a few hiring managers and recruiters from our AI/ML teams. This talk will be held virtually on May 24 at 11:00 am PDT.

All registered ICASSP attendees are invited to attend each event. Visit our virtual booth for more information on how to join.

Affinity Events

Apple is a sponsor of Women in Signal Processing, who will be holding a panel discussion at ICASSP on May 11 at 3:30 am PDT.

Learn more about Apple’s company-wide efforts in inclusion and diversity.

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