Apple sponsored the IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR), which will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from June 19 to 24. CVPR is an annual computer vision conference with several workshops and short courses.

All CVPR attendees are invited to stop by the Apple booth to check out our demos and chat with available recruiters and booth staff.


Below is the schedule of Apple sponsored workshops and accepted papers. Visit the CVPR 2022 website for a full conference schedule.

Sunday June 19

Monday June 20

Tuesday June 21

Wednesday June 22

Friday June 24

Accepted Papers

Conference Accepted Papers

Critical Regularizations for Neural Surface Reconstruction in the Wild

Jingyang Zhang, Yao Yao, Shiwei Li, Tian Fang, David McKinnon, Yanghai Tsin, Long Quan

Forward Compatible Training for Large-Scale Embedding Retrieval Systems

Vivek Ramanujan, Hadi Pour Ansari, Pavan Kumar Anasosalu Vasu, Oncel Tuzel, Ali Farhadi

Robust Joint Shape and Pose Optimization for Few-View Object Reconstruction

Zhenpei Yang, Zhile Ren, Miguel Angel Bautista, Zaiwei Zhang, Qi Shan, Qixing Huang

Efficient Multi-View Stereo via Attention-Driven 2D Convolutions

Zhenpei Yang, Zhile Ren, Qi Shan, Qixing Huang

Workshop Accepted Papers

Neural Face Video Compression using Multiple Views

Anna Volokitin, Stefan Brugger, Ali Benlalah, Sebastian Martin, Brian Amberg, Michael Tschannen



RoomPlan technology allows the user to captures a room and it's defining objects in a parametric format within minutes. Capture progress is automatically displayed and easy to understand at a glance. The resulting room capture is provided as a parametric representation of the room and can optionally be exported to USD, USDA or USDZ formats. The technology is supported on any of the Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) that are equipped with LiDAR sensor.

Systemwide Visual Intelligence

This demo aims to illustrate a few of the user facing Visual Intelligence capabilities in our operating systems. A distinguishing factor of the workflows are that they are deeply integrated into the operating system, and run efficiently on device. We showcase two styles of interaction with visual content:

  • Whole images through accessibility workflows for image captioning
  • Text in static images and streaming camera through LiveText

Image Captioning was introduced in iOS 14 through Voiceover, and was enriched in iOS 15 through Image Explorer. Live Text was introduced in iOS 15 through static image and camera based workflows.

All CVPR attendees are invited to stop by the Apple booth to experience these demos in person.


Qi Shan is a CVPR 2022 Area Chair.

Alex Colburn, Angelos Katharopoulos, James Chen, Winston Wang, and Zhile Ren are reviewers for CVPR 2022.

Long Quan is a CVPR 2022 General Chair.

Ali Farhardi is a member of the Embodied AI workshop Scientific Advisory Board.

Mahmoud Afifi is a member of the NTIRE 2022 workshop program committee.

David Güera Cobo is a member of the Workshop On Media Forensics 2022 technical committee.

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