Apple sponsored the ACM Human-Computer Interaction conference (CHI), which was held in a hybrid virtual and in-person format from April 30 to May 5. CHI is the premier international conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

Accepted Papers

Enabling Hand Gesture Customization on Wrist-Worn Devices

Xuhai Xu, Jun Gong, Carolina Brum, Lilian Liang, Bongsoo Suh, Shivam Kumar Gupta, Yash Agarwal, Laurence Lindsey, Runchang Kang, Behrooz Shahsavari, Tu Nguyen, Heriberto Nieto, Scott Hudson, Charlie Maalouf, Jax Seyed Mousavi, Gierad Laput

This paper received an honorable mention at CHI.

Neo: Generalizing Confusion Matrix Visualization to Hierarchical and Multi-Output Labels

Jochen Görtler, Fred Hohman, Dominik Mortiz, Kanit Wongsuphasawat, Donghao Ren, Rahul Nair, Marc Kirchner, Kayur Patel

This paper received the best paper award at CHI.

Symphony: Composing Interactive Interfaces for Machine Learning

Alex Bäuerle, Ángel Alexander Cabrera, Fred Hohman, Megan Maher, David Koski, Xavier Suau Cuadros, Titus Barik, Dominik Moritz

Towards Complete Icon Labeling in Mobile Applications

Jieshan Chen, Amanda Swearngin, Jason Wu, Titus Barik, Jeff Nichols, Xiaoyi Zhang

Talks and Workshops

“Meet Apple” is an opportunity to hear from the authors of our accepted papers, as well as a few hiring managers and recruiters from our AI/ML teams. This talk will be held virtually on May 3 at 9:15 am PDT.

All registered CHI attendees are invited to attend this event. Check out our virtual booth for more information on how to join.

Let's innovate together. Build amazing machine-learned experiences with Apple. Discover opportunities for researchers, students, and developers by visiting our Work With Us page.

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CHI 2023

Apple is sponsoring the ACM Human-Computer Interaction conference (CHI), which will be held as a hybrid virtual and in person conference from April 23 - 28 in Hamburg, Germany. CHI is the premier international conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

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CHI 2020

Apple had three papers accepted at the conference of Human-Computer Interaction (CHI), the premier international conference on interactive technology, in April 2020. Researchers from across the world gather at CHI to discuss, research, and design new ways for people to interact using technology. Although the conference was not held this year, you can read the accepted papers below.

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