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This paper was accepted at the workshop on Bayesian Causal Inference for Real World Interactive Systems at the KDD 2021 conference.

Stochastic delays in feedback lead to unstable sequential learning using multi-armed bandits. Recently, empirical Bayesian shrinkage has been shown to improve reward estimation in bandit learning. Here, we propose a novel adaptation to shrinkage that estimates smoothed reward estimates from windowed cumulative inputs, to deal with incomplete knowledge from delayed feedback and non-stationary rewards. Using numerical simulations, we show that this adaptation retains the benefits of shrinkage, and improves the stability of reward estimation by more than 50%. Our proposal reduces variability in treatment allocations to the best arm by up to 3.8x, and improves statistical accuracy - with up to 8% improvement in true positive rates and 37% reduction in false positive rates. Together, these advantages enable control of the trade-off between speed and stability of adaptation, and facilitate human-in-the-loop sequential optimization.

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Interpretable Adaptive Optimization

Providing new features—while preserving user privacy—requires techniques for learning from private and anonymized user feedback. To learn quickly and accurately, we develop and employ statistical learning algorithms that help us overcome multiple challenges that arise from sampling noise, applications of differential privacy, and delays that may be present in the data. These algorithms enable teams at Apple to measure and understand which user experiences are the best. This understanding leads to continual improvements across Apple's products and services to drive better experiences. We provide aspects of this understanding to the Apple developer community through features such as product page optimization.

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KDD 2021

Apple sponsored the annual conference on Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). This conference focuses on all aspects of the data science lifecycle, from data cleaning and preparation, to data transformation and the dissemination of results. KDD took place virtually from August 14 to 18.

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